Pre-Conference Workshop

17 Apr 2023

This year, we are pleased to offer a half-day pre-conference workshop. this learning session will take place on Monday, April 17, 2023, just prior to the 2023 Power of Rural Healthcare Conference. Join colleagues and experts for an opportunity to discuss important and timely issues in depth.

Bridges to Health and Healthcare

This session provides a fresh opportunity to improve health outcomes.

Healthcare providers and administrators will learn to:

  • Engage and better serve individuals across the economic spectrum.
  • Reduce costs while achieving more successful patient outcomes.
  • Communicate complex medical information more clearly.
  • Design services to account for increasing diversity within communities.
  • Increase effectiveness within successful, patient-centered care initiatives.

Public health organizations, communities, and governments will learn to:

  • Reduce the health gap and improve outcomes for all–especially those at risk.
  • Build sustainable neighborhoods and communities coordinated with all stakeholders.
  • Engage all stakeholders in planning new practices for healthier communities.
  • Increase community social capital and cohesion linked to improved population health.
  • Provide collective impact models to drive population research at the community level
Bridges to Health and Healthcare Goals