Tom R. Holt, MS, MEd, CPT

4:30 pm - 5:20 pm

April 17, 2023 Monday

Increasing Patient Satisfaction and Decreasing Anxiety Using AIDET and Other Communication Skills for All Types of Healthcare Workers

  • Understand why there is clear connection between quality communication and patient satisfaction (to include family members).
  • Find out how all staff members are at the heart of communication to increase patient satisfaction.
  • Realize that consistent and quality communication tactics result in a culture of excellent care.
  • How these communication techniques (AIDET, the manage up, harvesting recognition, and the great handoff) can lead to a higher overall rating of the facility, and increase their willingness to recommend
  • How each staff member can develop their own department-specific words to ensure quality communication with the patient and their family and how to measure their competency